Section AD (Section Analysis & Design) is a comprehensive collection of tools and services to help you analysis and design cross sections.

It is an unique software for early design, virtual testing and optimization of complex crashworthy structures, form perspective of thin walled beams cross sections.

It is especially useful at early stages of the design process when fast assessment of various structural configurations substantially speeds up product development process.

Section AD is probably the best solution for design of energy absorbing sections and simulation of crushing response of arbitrary space frames.

Unique capabilities to analysis section characteristics in instant calculation:

  • Stiffness (NVH).
  • Stress (Durability, Fatigue).
  • Crash Safety Strength (Axial, Bending, Torsion).

Main features:

  • 3D Environment to extract section from mesh model, or import sections form CAD system, and view sections and results in 3D space.
  • 2D Environment to analysis and design sections, compare and report results, and export section for CAD system.
  • Section database.

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