Company Profile


Absolut Engineering Technology Inc. incorporated in the City of Ann Arbor, Michigan. We specialize in providing vehicle body design/analysis software and engineering services. Our employees come from experienced engineers from Ford, Lockheed Martin and other major engineering firms.

The company’s major product, Section AD (Section Analysis & Design), is the thin-walled section design software based the theory and software as a part of a Ph.D. dissertation from the College of Engineering at The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. The dissertation is based the research projects sponsored by the National Science Foundation (No. CEE-8300684, and No. ECE-8516866: Seismic analysis and design considerations of braced steel structures).

The Section AD technical approach is the first tool utilize the thin-wall buckling theory to calculate the crush strengths of the thin-walled beams, which means the thin-walled sections in the automotive body structures can be analyzed not only for predicting structural stiffness but also crush strengths in the events of crash.

After decades of research, development and validation, Section AD becomes an effective and convenient section analysis tool for CAE and body design engineers.