Section AD Features


3D Environment features:

  • Import / Export / Edit mesh models (file format: .dyna, nastran).
  • Fast and easy extraction of cross sections from mesh model.
  • Import / Export CAD sections (file format: iges).
  • View sections and results in 3D space.

2D Environment features:

  • Interactive section design tool:
    • Easy used tools to design geometry.
    • User friendly tools to define, import/export, edit the used property and material.
    • Section benchmarking and design target setting.
    • Design iterations and design failure mode.
  • Automatic calculate and display section characteristics in real-time while editing:
    • Stiffness (NVH).
    • Stress (Durability, Fatigue).
    • Crash Safety Strength (Axial, Bending, Torsion, Arbitrarily load specified by user).
    • Sensitivity to part thickness.
    • Sensitivity to part weight.
    • Sensitivity to material.
    • Optimizing Recommendations.
    • Section Check.
    • Compare sections and results.
    • Generate output reports.
    • Export section for CAD system.

Section database:

  • Accsess, upload, download benchmarking sections, search sections with conditions.
  • View section and result in list interface.

UI Instructions

3D Environment UI.

2D Environment UI.

E3:Main View
E3G:Section Strength Graph View
E3S:Section Strength Sheet View
E4:Project Explorer Window
E5:Property Window
E6:Tool Panel Window
E7:Output Window